Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is a Custom Premade Cheer Mix?

Every Mix is a Custom Mix!!!

Answer: A Custom Premade Mix is a custom mix that uses workparts to speed up the mixing process. Workparts consist of beats and builds, but no music. All music is Custom Ordered and included in the low price!
Custom Premade is a great choice for all levels, budgets, and genre choices. All mixes can be customized with Song Choices, Voice Overs, Sound Effects. (8 count sheets are optional).

Don’t forget…our mixes are for personal use/performances only!

2)How do I order?

Answer: Use our Shop Page to assist you in placing your order. Choose tempo, Cheer or No Cheer, and leave any song choices and sfx requests in the additional comments section. After your order is completed a confirmation will be sent to the email provided.

All song choices must be available from the Itunes US Store!

All Mixes will be subject to additional scource song charges ($1.29 each from iTunes), when picking up your mix from Source songs are songs used in the mix…basically, you have to own the songs in Itunes before you can download the mix. Legitmix ensures a safe and legal transaction for all parties involved by recreating your mix on your personal computer rendering the process “Fair Use”.   Don’t worry, all you have to do is click a few buttons to make this happen. What makes our mixes legal is that the music is not sold on our site.  You are only paying us for our production service.  All Music and Transfers are sold through

We do not sell the actual music or transfer any mixes on our site!

Don’t forget…our mixes are for personal use/performances only!

3)How long does it take to receive my mix after sending payment and all routine info?

Answer: 5-10 business days unless otherwise notified.


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